Debt Collection
in Russia



  • Our company provides full range of debt collection services for non-resident companies (registered outside the Russian Federation):

    - Based on any type of agreements or contracts;

    - At any stage.

  • The trading culture and regulations in Russia can differ from those you are used to, which often makes debt collection in Russia complicated. Our company can be your reliable partner in debt collection in Russia.

  • Our lawyers have extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of applicable laws, rules, regulations, trade practices and cultural background of your debtor’s resident country. All of this assists us to maintain constructive interaction with a debtor and in the end of the day results in quicker collecting debts. Before we take on a project we rapidly and with no fee analyze collection possibility and we take on a case if we are completely sure it is worth for the client. We respect confidentiality of our clients and in order our partners are confident about the future we always sign NDA.

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Evaluation of collection possibility (documentation analysis)

no fee

Written legal advice


Preparation of Lawsuit

from €200

Preparation of Settlement Agreement


Legal collection in Court of the First instance


Legal collection in Court of Appeal


Maintenance of Execution proceedings

from 5% of amount of recovered debt

Preparation of Cassation / Supervisory Appeal

from €200

Business partner checking (Due diligence)


Other services

Subject to agreement

* Expenses for participation in a litigations in the region other than St.Petersburg are paid in addition.

** Translation services required for court proceeding are paid in addition.

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About us

  • Dolgovoy Consultant LLC (DoC LLC, Company name is translated from Russian as Debt Adviser) is licensed debt collection agency successfully operated in the Russian Federation. We deal legally with every debt in a professional, firm manner and we know all the collection practices.
    We are proud of our experienced specialists who have excellent skills in collection of problem debts at any stage.
    We reduce to zero financial and reputation risks of our clients during solving their even the most difficult problems.

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  • Contacts

  • Legal address:

    Professora Kachalova str., 7, lit A, app.16-H/711,
    192019, St.Petersburg, Russia

  • Postal address:

    Professora Kachalova str., 7, lit A, app.711,
    192019, St.Petersburg, Russia

  • Email:
  • Phone no: +7 (812) 309-56-77
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